One thought on “MobileTV: Ghost in the Machine”

  1. To me, Mobile TV is satellite telephony redux. Basically, it has taken so long to get here that it is already largely irrelevant. A dedicated network, radio, and processor for video make good technical sense from a battery/bandwidth conservation standpoint, but in the meantime what can be done using a general purpose mobile CPU and a 3G/WiFi/WiMAX connection continues to improve to the degree that the benefits of dedicated hardware fall into the realm of diminishing returns. If DVB-H or MediaFLO had made a serious debut even 18 months ago, fine, but next year is already too late.

    Now MobiTV is in a different boat, as it doesn’t rely on dedicated networks or hardware. The question for them is how do they survive once most devices can run flash and such well enough to make use of YouTube and Joost. Clearly, they don’t and their obvious exit is to be bought by some larger player like Google or Yahoo or even a carrier who wants to try and preserve their walled garden.

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