7 thoughts on “Plaxo reboots, gets in sync”

  1. One of the most critical Sync-targets is the mobile phone. All companies that sync to mobiles use SyncML, which is a feature of 75% of the mobiles currently shipped. Last time I checked, Plaxo worked with a propietary application that had to be installed to the phone. Would be nice if they changed their propietary approach – installing software on mobiles is an option only for early adopters.

  2. It’s not about sync. It is ultimately about usability. Facebook has a done a tremendous job with their regular app and mobile app around just this topic — contact management.

    Om, are you ready to predict a new standard in web design (320×480) — compatible with iPhone?

  3. Martin, m.plaxo.com has been updated and works much better than the WAP interface did before. They may still offer the “Mobile Plus” proprietary application, but they seem to be playing that down now in favor of the more easily accessible mobile browser version.

  4. That’s right synchonization should be totally transparent. If I recall that’s what Kahn did with Starfish, now owned by Nokia and the core of syncML implemented on Nokia phones. Rumor has it that Kahn’s next venture, Fullpower goes the distance. Anyone plugged-in?

  5. SyncML is definitely the way forward… I think you should all check http://www.synkia.com

    Synkia is an easy to use information management service that lets users backup and restore data like contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, notes and SMS from their mobile phones.

    Backup is performed by a push of a button using applications that are already embedded in the phone. The information is transferred over-the-air; there is no need for cables or additional software.

    Product features:

    • Backup all content on a mobile phone.

    • Manage the information on web and send back to the phone.

    • Archive and search the information.

    • Transfer information from one phone to another.

    • Keep the same content up to date on several phones.

    • Centrally manage shared information in a multi user environment.

    The solution is 100% secure and works globally with mainstream phones from leading manufacturers.

    Synkia AS, Henrik Ibsensgate 100, N-0230 Oslo, Norway

    (disclosure: I currently work for Synkia AS based between London & New York)

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