3 thoughts on “More VoIP conferences than VoIP users globally by 2007”

  1. I have seen that many of the old interactive TV conference crowd have migrated over to IPTV. Are the VOIP lot a new breed or where have they come from and more importantly for conference planners – where’ll they go after voip?

    One possible opening – academia. Norwegian JustIP founder Frode van der Laak has been hired by a technology college to lecture a new course in ip-communications.

  2. We did a poll this last week of around 16K subscribers who are ISPs, CLECs, Hosts and WISPs. We simply asked “Has the VoIP bubble burst?” 50% said No, but 33% said Yes and 8% answered “Almost”. Doesn’t bode well for an oversaturated market. As a conference producer myself, it’s pretty hard to find anyone to pay for anything but a hype-driven topic these days. The VON shows have done really well, even at the $1K+ range for a pass, but others can’t be doing as well without the substance of VON in tact. I hear there is the same support for the WiMAX hype shows. Even though there’s no “doing” or “how-to” involved, vendors are lining up with analysts to talk to eachother. The most opportunistic conference producers are all out there in droves trying to make a buck on a buzzword instead of building an industry event around a core community with passion for a specific technolgy or business. Time will tell, as always.

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