9 thoughts on “Zimbra’s email quite impressive actually”

  1. I don’t get why Zimbra is positioning the Ajax web client as a product when it’s really just a feature like Oultook for Web and Scalix’s web client.

    Noone wants to do heavy duty emailing in the browser when they can do it in a piece of software. For the little amount of time they are away from their main computer, the web interface can be used. That’s all.

  2. actually, that is the fatal flaw. what they really have a is good email server, perfect for SMB and it has an outlook quality client in a browser. the whole pitch is wrong, but i think the technology they built is seriously radical

  3. Well, I think it would be a value proposition to the SMEs who does not want to spend too much on proprietary mail software. By using Zimbra, they gain mail mobility equivalent to that of Outlook for their executives as well.

  4. AfterMail (www.aftermail.com) is a web-based application that does many of the same things as Zimbra, but essentially archives email for multiple email platforms – it works with Exchange and GroupWise now, with others to follow. What’s more, it also has numerous storage management benefits (not to be underestimated) and provides an API to enable integration. Disclaimer: I work there.

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