2 thoughts on “Moto, its Tata Tele on the line”

  1. Om,
    I really enjoy reading your blogs…
    anyway, back to the story
    Nokia and Nortel received the $862 mil order from BSNL(State/Govt. of India run network) for a GSM network.
    Getting back to the Tata story,
    Tata Telecom has recently begun a massive expansion in several telecom ‘circles'(Indian telecom lingo for ‘markets’). However, they are a distant second to Reliance Infocomm when it comes to market share in the existing Indian mobile market.

    Also, they do not seem to be targetting the end-consumer, but have a business-centric approach. They also just launched a PTT like service using Kyocera mobile phones. Looks like they might have a business model like Nextel.

    So, I do not know if Motorola has scored a ‘big’ win with Tata’s – certainly there was no mention of a value of the contract with Tata. This leads me to believe that it might have been small.
    However, any contract, small or big is a plus in this rapidly expanding market.

    Also, I would be curious to know the source of your information regarding RF engineers defecting from the Reliance camp to Motorola.

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