Technorati’s Sifry talks…almost

6 thoughts on “Technorati’s Sifry talks…almost”

  1. Om,

    I followed your link and the first six entries are exactly the same entry followed by another entry which is repeated three times. I’ve seen this same type of repetition throughout the site and loads of other usability problems.

    A good idea, but a poor implementation which is riding on the hype of this post-bubble blogging phenom.

    I have a feeling that Google with their search experience, could flip a switch, and put this company out of business with a far superior implementation.


  2. Z… good points. also try feedster. you will see the difference. i guess the money will be put to good use. otherwise its lights out. anyway post bubble blogging phenom…i think i am not sure of the business model in blogging, except i have not seen one. maybe david and his crew have something figured out.

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