13 thoughts on “Technorati gets fed VC dollars”

  1. from what i hear this is new money. there was word that august capital had put some money in the seed rounds as well. not sure but still trying to track down the information about other institutional investors

  2. Congrats to Sifry and team. Technorati deserves to be funded well and hope Dave is able to take technorati to greater heights. Truly blog movement requires sich attention from VC’s at this take off juncture.

  3. I would also congratulate Technorati and I hope this is the beginning of some renewed excitement within the investment community.

    I was struck by the previous comment by Max Niederhofer. I;m am not sure whether he was serious or joking. Steep?

    Google has achieved well over a billion dollars in revenue in five years and has a market value of $3.6 Billion. Technorati is clearly not Google, but may very well be already on its way to becoming a widely used and significant tool in the social software landscape. And Google has shown them how to make money.

    I think the VC’s got a steal of a deal.

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