21 thoughts on “Inside Motorola's Android Phone”

  1. I tend to think that social networking functionality of the phone seems to be more of a marketing plot for Motorola – otherwise I don’t see any reasons to work on any Android applications for the hardware manufacturer when they could easily rely on third-party developers to code all the required social functionality.

  2. Why is it when Skydeck proposes the same idea it’s the billion dollar darling of VCs, but when Moto proposes the same thing everyone criticizes it? Is the Moto brand name THAT tarnished?

  3. Since the “Good” team is working on this. i was hoping to see some exchange integration (though that would not seem the case if they are concentrating on ‘social networking” )

    Motorola should kill a lot of the os’s on the phones they have. All of them seem to compete on which sucks more.

    There was a good reason to have your own os for strategic purposes. Now the rules of the game have changed and the handset business is in trouble. Nix your own os and instead add features to a os like android …

  4. @Todd,

    Well it is interesting you say that and yes the Motorola brand is pretty tarnished. People just don’t expect them to do anything major or anything ground breaking … or so the perception is. I like the company’s ability to engineer good phones, but not their software abilities.

  5. @ Svetlana Gladkova I couldn’t agree more. The social networking and mobile phones is a trend that is seriously overblown. it is total spin. i am looking at my facebook on iPhone and that is the right kind of social networking app. I don’t need apple to do it for me: facebook did a good enough job. Similarly i can get their app on BBerry and Android and it would be cool.


  6. @Om

    “…I like the company’s ability to engineer good phones, but not their software abilities.”

    Ok, but if the goal is to turn a handset’s address book into a social network, then I would have more confidence in a company that has been making phones for 20 years ( Moto ) over the exact same idea being done by a software start up ( Sky Deck ). Applying “weight” to whomever calls you the most isn’t that hard if you are the handset maker, doing so without intimate knowledge of the hardware, like Sky Deck, seems more like guess work, or trial and error.

  7. @Todd,

    Where is Skydeck coming into the equation here. I didn’t mention them in the story, so please provide context. It seems you don’t care much for Skydeck, which is fair opinion for you.

  8. I find photo new phone from Motorola ZN300 with OS Android

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