10 thoughts on “Mozilla to Developers: Let's Build on Weave Sync”

  1. Nice and all. And I guess its good that Mozilla is pushing this for other developers to build upon this framework. However XMarks has been out for years, and has already become the standard for syncing bookmarks, passwords, etc. Where is the motivation for the user to switch?

    1. There is no etc for xmarks; that’s the motivation for weave, which already syncs much more than xmarks does and has the potential to do much more than sync in the future.

      That said, xmarks is cross-brower compatible, which weave is not, as of yet, so for now I’ll continue to use xmarks.

  2. @Some Guy
    I switched out from XMarks immediately because their software feels like malware. I don’t know if it has malware inside but surely it user experience indicates that something weird is happeing under the hood.

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