11 thoughts on “What You Should Be Reading This Weekend”

  1. With respect to Jobs, objects are interesting from the perspective of where we are at with both cloud computing and mobile. The reshuffling of the deck chairs has gotten people kerfluffled. They look at an app and canโ€™t see the web through its eyes. They miss the enormous expenditures of back-end effort it is going to take to build interesting systems that anticipate users needs on the cloud of virtual main frames.

    The most interesting stuff is not the eMagazines that will be built rapidly, but the expanding book that anticipates our needs as the page turns.

  2. Sorry guys, but your nanotechnology liquid glass story seems to be pointing to a company and product that reminds me very much of snake-oil salesmen. I don’t think this stuff is legit at all. You might have wanted to check it out a bit more before you hoist the story onto your readers.

    1. William

      The fact is that by pointing it to you and you not liking it/having doubts is part of sharing process. I read and shared. You offered your opinion, which would make others wonder. It would have been great if you had more reasons that simple dismissal of the said story. That way we could all benefit from your skepticism and learn at the same time.

  3. Great article, I read about half the links (hey it’s what I should be reading right!) and particularly enjoyed the one about Google maps etc – it’s amazing how life changes with new technology that we take for granted and which we would never have dreamed of in the past!

  4. I really love this, a great idea.Some interesting pieces, especially the one about liquid glass. My mind was racing thinking of the many applications it could be potentially used for. Could be worth an investment in their stock!

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