4 thoughts on “MPAA BitTorrent Bad Bad Bad”

  1. So which is the greater danger to free speech, the Patriot Act or the Hollywood cartels (RIAA, MPAA) ?

  2. Didnot think of it that way… looks like Hollywood and Government are on the same side this time. Wonder how The GoP feels about this?

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  4. *cough*BULLSHIT*cough*

    Yeah Dan Glickman, I can tell that George Lucas is really being robbed blind here, why just check out his RECORD TICKET SALES. God, these MPAA/RIAA muppet figureheads make me want to scream sometimes. Oh, the BSA too, they are another pack of lying theives.

    See here:


    “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” grossed $158.5 million from Thursday to Sunday, according to studio estimates, beating the previous record held by 2003’s “Matrix Reloaded,” which made $134.3 million.

    “Sith” took in an estimated $108.5 million from Friday to Sunday, slightly lower than the record held by the first “Spider-Man” movie, which took in $114.8 million in May 2002. But “Spider-Man” didn’t debut on a Thursday like “Sith,” and thus that $114.8 million comprised its entire weekend take.

    “Even as of Sunday, we’re selling tickets like gangbusters,” said Art Levitt, chief executive of online ticket seller Fandango Inc. “Our ticket sales are a clear indicator that ‘Sith’ has kicked off the summer movie season loud and clear.”

    The company said Sunday that “Sith” now stands as its top-selling movie for opening weekend sales. The first two days of the movie’s release, Thursday and Friday, were Fandango’s top selling 48 hours, ever.”

    Excuse me while I try to go create a monopoly and then attempt to force people to feel bad for not subsidising my 90th Rolls Royce.

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