XTen contemplating Sony PSP VoIP Softphone?

7 thoughts on “XTen contemplating Sony PSP VoIP Softphone?”

  1. Howabout we get a port for the Palm OS first? It really pisses me off how there is no (well, now there is a skype-out version, but that doesnt count) version of Skype or any other VoIP smartphone for Palm OS, whereas they are abundant in Pocket PCs. The last time I checked, more people had Palm PDAs than PSPs, so why not appeal to the masses? Most of the people with a PSP are teenagers, and they already have a cellular phone. In addition, odds are that none of them know how to use the embedded WiFi. This makes a softphone VoIP solution for the PSP a highly underused application in the future, and will be a bad business decision for XTen. I urge this company to rethink its business strategy and urge everybody to help by signing this petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/voip406/petition.html

  2. Jason, you don’t know that much, do you?

    “In addition, odds are that none of them know how to use the embedded WiFi”

    I am 13 years old, and I use skype all the time, I run my home-network and I use my psp’s WiFi capabilities to the max.

    “Most of the people with a PSP are teenagers”

    Lots of adults I know own a PSP, and aren’t immature

    P.S. I also have a Palm Zire, I know it’s hard to get internet on them, but why not buy a netgear WiFi phone or a PSP for the sake of it?

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