8 thoughts on “Murdoch and TV-Over-WiMAX”

  1. As long as I know, a Wi-Max BTS could deliver a throughput of 30-60 Mbps. How could Wi-Max be used to offer TV with this kind of performance? My feeling is that TV-over-WIMAX is something very futuristic, or just impossible.

  2. I work for the wonderchild of Murdoch companies, namely, DIRECTV. If you were not living under a rock lately, you must be in the know that DIRECTV Broadband, an implementation of wimax, has been pilot launched in the city of Anaheim CA, in partnership with Earthlink.

    So the broadband intentions of Mr. Murdoch is not just a rumor. It is taking place already

  3. WiMax is not using the unlicensed spectrum. It is very very differant from WiFi. You have to purchase the spectrum to use it.

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  5. what’s stopping one from increasing bandwith on unlicensed 2.4GHZ band to 60mbps thus making it the same or even better than wimax but without the need to purchase the spectrum?

  6. What rock done you crawled out from under? It’s been the hottest VC topic in Austin this past year and you done missed it? I guess they was right about you.

  7. h.264 blu-ray quality movies are easily done over wi-max. I have several blu-ray movies that are ultra-high quality running at 30mbs… However with compression some of them run at 8mbs in very good hi-def.

    I’ve successfully streamed HD h.264 content over current 802.11g, with a good signal at 20mbs/second to my tv from another computer in the house.

    So it’s very possible.

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