3 thoughts on “Music Giants All Set to Launch”

  1. So why would we pay for this again? If it’s DRMd, why would audiophiles touch it? And don’t we get higher quality for paying the cd and using a really really good codec? and WTF about Windows only. Must mean they’re using WMP10+ for their DRM. meaning it’s not going to burn, meaning there is NO point at all because you know we don’t have a 9.1 surround sound reciever hooked up to our PC.

    ah. when will these people learn. three letters without three others. MP3 w/o DRM.

  2. Does anyone have any insight into a company called MatrixView? It’s a Singapore based company just moving into the U.S. market that claims to have a new algorithm for data capture, storage and retrieval. There new algorithm claims to capture, compress and store all kinds of data, including audio and video files, without any data loss. There primary target appears to be medical xrays. They claim to capture, compress, store, transfer and retrieve xrays without any data loss, (critical to xray diagnosis).

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