8 thoughts on “Vonage, picks IPO bankers”

  1. I totally agree with Andy on the T-Mobile coupling, but for a different reason than he mentioned. T-Mobile has the largest wifi network. If T-Mobile were to release a GSM/Wifi (UMA) phone that utilized Vonage’s service for Voip, it would be a hit. This could actually convince the folks who aren’t in the 18-34 set to get rid of their landlines. Also a great way to answer the problem of cell reception in the home.

  2. Investing in Vonage would be a waste of time. They have a million customers, mostly early adopters. Do they have a strategy in place to get the next million? Splurging money on marketing the way they do now is not likely to get them anywhere. They should be spending more on QoS. Ultimately the entire VoIP scene would be ruled by the Bells and Cablecos. You just have to look at some of FFCs recent rulings to see the writing on the wall. It would be nice for Vonage if they managed to con a company like eBay into paying billions. Will Murdoch fall for it? Doubt it.

  3. Aswath, you are correct. UMA would pump the SIP to T-Mobile’s existing switches, which are already connected to the PSTN. There is no room for Vonage’s network in the equation. On the other hand, T-Mobile might want to buy Vonage for their customers and switch them over to their own network. That kind of deal would be for

  4. Jesse, I thought UMA will continue to use CC and MM from GSM, rather than SIP? Or am I reading your comment wrongly?

    On the matter of T-Mobile buying Vonage for their customers alone, I am eminently disqualified to comment on it.

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