5 thoughts on “My 15 minutes of infamy”

  1. Congrats Om!

    And this part of your post had me ROTFLMAO,

    >”Many email and asked, dude… when are you going to go pro?” I replied, guys I am a pro – a professional reporter who is also a blogger. That arrangement works quite well for me.”

    As soon as I read that, my internal google (ie. synapses) pull up an image of the best damn news anchor on TV, Jon Stewart. I can just see him saying the same thing while sitting on a panel with the old guys from the big 3.

    Keep up the good work.

    PS. I wonder if anybody has ever asked Tony Hawk if he’s going pro? still laughing…

  2. Om,

    After your earlier post called Technorati an “RSS related company”, Wired news reported that “RSS Attracts Really Serious Money”.

    Problem is, Technorati doesn’t read RSS feeds as far as I can tell. They scrape the actual html. (Yes, they do publish some RSS feeds, but…)

    So to avoid further confusion, you might want to adopt a different kind of label to group companies like Technorati, Feedster, etc.

  3. gabe point well taken. thanks for the pointer. Ross, you might have come up with a new word. hmmmm! congrats of social text funding, and charlie, you are as always “da money.” by the way educate me: what does ROTFLMAO really mean.

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