18 thoughts on “My review of the new iPad Reviews. How Meta!”

  1. Is it only me ..or shouldn’t there have been some reviews which would be a bit non-conformist? Perhaps I will write one this evening ..why you don’t need to dump your old iPad2 yet, or why the (still to be rumored) iPad3 might just be worth the wait…

    1. There is no argument to dump your iPad 2 for the new iPad. It’s not justifiable by any means. However, people can’t help themselves in feeling that they now have an outdated product and should buy a new one. You aren’t going to convince an iPad 2 user that’s willing to update to a new iPad with a review like that.

      Then again, those are the same people that like to whine about how the new iPad hasn’t changed that much and has let them down because it doesn’t have a new feature that blows you away (or at least that they didn’t already know about because of the rumors).

      1. Oh please. Wake up. Just because you don’t want to doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons for others. For me retina display alone is a reason because of the amount of reading I do on the iPad. I also use 3G extensively so 4G will be most welcome.

      2. Guys, read my comment again. I said that Om’s list of iPad reviews are all singing the same song! Reviews are personal opinions. If the world is so mono-chromatic, life would be boring.

  2. Those who have the iPad 2 should skip this iPad and wait for the next one which most certainly would be thinner and lighter than the new iPad.

    1. Assuming the don’t want retina display, dramatically faster connectivity, much better graphics, much better camera, more application memory.

  3. My major grouse is that the 70% bigger battery is being frittered away on things like lighting up that “Retina” display, a bigger processor/GPU, and 4G.

    That would be OK if there were an “aggressive powersave” setting which gave me 15 hours on a charge (sans 4G, and at iPad2-level performance and resolution), while switching to the power-guzzler settings when on mains outlet power or when you really need the enhanced performance.

    What a waste of extra battery power. And we have to contend with a (slightly) fatter iPad, for the privilege.

    1. You can switch off LTE and you can reduce the brightness. 10 hours is normal usage. If you run in airplane mode with the brightness turned down, you might be able to get 15 hours.

  4. Got an iPad as a Xmas gift, which was around the time that the iPad 2 was to be released… so I turned it in for the iPad 2 to come out, but heard rumors of iPad 3 at the same time (at least then it was an iPad 3)… so I held off. Now the New iPad is out… and I plopped down the Apple card with credit from my original Pad on it… so will be getting actually my first iPad- which happens to be the newest gen. Worth waiting for? To me….YEP. Which is what it boils down to with anything…. if it is worth it to THAT person, then who gives one iota of a crap what any reveiwers or other opinionated elitists think?!? Not me.

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