4 thoughts on “What Demandware IPO says about Wall Street & tech IPOs”

  1. Didn’t marginal tech IPOs lead us to a “correction” a little over a decade ago? Do you think history could be repeating itself?

    1. History, indeed does repeat itself, though I am not prescient enough to predict the future. I would leave that to procrastinators like Cramer.

  2. Thank you again Cramer for causing me to procrastinate. I had 1000 shares lined up and when he made that comment about 15 being the max, he gave me cold feet. 10k bye bye. Doh! I am so done with Cramer.

  3. In a press release, Venda leveled the accusation that Demandware previously “did not clearly represent” the nature of the competition between the two companies in the company’s S-1 filing with the SEC. Oops.

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