24 thoughts on “My tech 2012 wishlist for Twitter, Amazon & Instagram”

  1. Since you asked for my wish list (ok, not me specifically, but so what), here are some:

    1) All wireless carriers unbundle service and equipment, and price their service plans that reflect their cost savings of unsubsidized devices.

    2) Elimination of all restrictions on usage of mobile devices, i.e, all android users get unlocked images.

    3) If #1 & #2 don’t happen, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Cisco buy T-Mobile.

    4) Telcos and cable companies get nostalgic about competing, and get into a fiber-to-the-home war.

    5) All companies with record cash hoards (not just tech companies like Apple), realize that hiding the cash (in non-interest bearing accounts, no less) they extracted from the economy actually shrinks the economy because that cash is no longer being circulated around, and start returning more cash to the economy by investing in R&D, capital equipment, training, health care, education, energy conservation, and all those things that will yield more profits in the next decade.

    6) An end to the patent war (and to software patents in general).

    7) More time between introductions of new smartphones – at least let me enjoy them for a year (o.k. I’ll take 8 months) before I succumb to the urge to upgrade.

  2. Om, in 2012 I’d love to be able to find out immediately on a brick & mortar store or service’s website if they are open! Imagine profiles of who is working right now, and how busy they are πŸ˜‰

    1. … and if that B&M store has the item I want. For example, I’d like to know if a local-ish bookstore (e.g., B&N) has a particular book (e.g., the Hedy Lamarr bio).

  3. Om and Ken for the WIN on this one! So many wishes and so little time… hopefully we will see a “super sync” revolution in 2012. I just want to be able to do everything in one location. Goodness apps – stop trying to kill my poor little fingers! Can’t you all just get along?! Ken, I am so feeling the “more time between smartphones” vibe… nothing sucks more than buying something awesome… sitting down on the couch to play with your new toy… and learning your device is being replaced immediately by something better. (Grr… this happened when I bought my iPad and three days later found the iPad2 was being released a week later. I totally feel your pain.)

  4. Hey Om,

    I know you’re frustrated and quite frankly I don’t blame you. All the WP blogs (.com and .org) are on our old legacy plugin that was built upon our first experiment 18 months ago when we were 2 bootstrapped entrepreneurs/writers making something we wanted. Over the next 30 days, we’re hoping to fix what I can only guess you’re most frustrated with. We’re both believers in the web and I think we can get to a place that you’ll like or at least, not hate with the new stuff we’ve built. Ive seen the new omis.me and i think were both trying to drive to the same thing, except we have a good way to go. I’m going to reach out separately to hear all you don’t like and turn those guesses of what i dont think you like into actionable items. We’ll work hard to take the feedback in. Like I said last year when we briefly chatted, I respect you a ton as a fellow writer and your blog was what I read when I was first starting out.

  5. For #2, you could get google music and uploadits of music and listen on your computer and android device for free. Why pay?

  6. (I work at Automattic/WordPress.com)

    Re: Instagram-to-Blog. Something I’d like to see as well, and could very well happen on WordPress.com using our APIs and OAuth2: http://develop.wordpress.com/ . Kevin and his team are running a pretty massive service with a tiny team — so I suspect it’s on their to-do list, just hasn’t happened yet.

    Re: OnSwipe-enabled WordPress.com blogs. Definitely agree that there is lots of room for improvement, especially for certain blogs that aren’t full of photos and videos. The OnSwipe implementation on WordPress.com has lagged behind the current OnSwipe experience, and a pretty big update is coming soon to address that. Would be good to hear your thoughts once that’s live.

    And Twiiter sync would be huge — gotta imagine that’s near the top of their list as well.

  7. 1) Instagram on Android… Make it happen.
    2) I like the idea of a singular source of updating. I think Twitter, with some tweaks could be it for brief posts.
    3) Dualboot Android and Win8 tablets or touchscreen enabled ultra books would e sweet too.

  8. Twitter sync: you can use Echofon, and it’s actually great and not crappy like most other third party clients, but yeah, it’ll be nice if it was a built in feature.

    My wishlist:

    1. I want apps to be more similar to the web. Search for an app, or tap a recommendation, or say, tap a Gigaom link in another app, open it without having to install. The home screen then becomes a favorite apps list. This makes trying out apps a little less tedious. I can stomach an app-centered web better if this was the case.

    2. I want set-top box manufacturers to realize that games are also forms of entertainment that can benefit from digital.

    3. I want cheaper e-books pegged at 9.99, like albums. Fuck you, Apple, for ruining it for everyone.

    1. Actually it isn’t/ It is sitting on your website while I would like to cycle my data through my own blog. That said, Hashgram is nice. πŸ™‚

  9. I want a Internet based TV service that allows me to have all the choices I currently have with Direct TV, but only charges me by the channel (or even by the show) all on demand of course. Essentially A’la Carte TV. Make it cost less than 50 bucks a month for approximately 3 hours per day and there would be a flood of folks leaving switching from DirectTV to this new service. (DirectTV costs $100/month)

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