7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Skype Settlement: Winners & Losers Scorecard”

  1. this makes you wonder how volpi became cisco cto in the 1st place … did he even have the qualifications? his lack of knowledge of basic procedures, operational side and investment criteria reek smell of favourtism/nepotism in cisco days.

  2. Ugly affair from start to end, and probably not much better going forward. I’d guess some of the “winners” above might feel just a bit queasy as they look into the poisoned chalice. Drink up, gentlemen.

  3. I agree with almost everything here, but I hope that last paragraph proves untrue (a 20+ BOD!?!). No time for in-fighting, competition is heating up again. It’s as if now is the time for the VOIP revolution predicted 10 yrs. ago.

    A few things I’d like to see:
    -Voicemail should be optional (you can’t turn it off currently)
    -an API that isn’t tied to the desktop (for a Twitter-like ecosystem)
    -Android-based hardware without GSM/CDMA
    -Call FWD should be free (via partnerships…lots of them); they should have the leverage for that now

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