23 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Takes on Skype, Launches New Calling Service”

  1. wow, a reward, just added you few seconds ago

    anyway, i’m confused with the 3G calls… you call it “Nimbuzz Dial-Up VoIP”, but do I understand it correctly, that this way it works on iPhone only? I have Symbian based phone, and I’m planning to have unlimited data plan (3G) for calling, so I want to make sure I will not use my regulare (local) minutes…

  2. I am using Skypeout to call my parents in France but sometimes VoIP quality is not always as good as a normal phonecall. So I was quite suprised by the chrystal clear quality of NimbuzzOut. It sounded like my dad was sitting in the house next to me. Don’t know what they do different than Skype but it’s clear that this is a real competitor for Skype. Great product! I’m glad Skype is getting some good competition.

  3. Hi Netro,

    Tobias from Nimbuzz here. You won’t be using your regular minutes.

    On your Symbian phone, you will be making a VoIP call using NimbuzzOut that runs entirely on your unlimited data plan : )

    Drop me a line if you have further questions, am always happy to help.

    tobias (at) nimbuzz (dot) com

  4. I wonder who powers NimbuzzOut. Jajah again?

    Its prices can be easily undercut, other installable SIP providers are 3 times cheaper or better. I’ve already compared their prices.

    Luckily Nimbuzz still offers to bring your own provider. That’s what I always do. Nevertheless I hope they make some money with NimbuzzOut. Fring should do the same.

    What phone number does NimbuzzOut show? Your mobile?

  5. At last, I was waiting for something like this for so long!

    Just tested the quality of the calls with my ipod touch on wifi and with my Symbian phone on 3g and it was Great!!

    I really need to check all the rates now :D, hope are better than Skype.

    1. you can even mobilize your Sipgate account and use it inside Nimbuzz. Just add your Sipgate details and make calls via Nimbuzz everywhere you go. Pretty awesome : )

  6. I have Nimbuzz on the phone but all i can do is chat on it. No calls or anything. its a samsung touchscreen, i keep forgetting the make. I need it urgent. please get back asap

  7. Nimbuzz es el mejor programa movil en la actualidad,seria estupendo que foncionara en PC,pero bueno gracias aquien lo a hecho posible,antetodo quiero aqui expresar mi agradecimiento y enviarles un cordial saludo,por un trabajo bien logrado…..

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