7 thoughts on “MySpace: Don't you forget about me”

  1. I think most developers know by now that Myspace has been completely overrun by spammers. I was recently reading a forum frequented by spammers and they are selling things like Myspace auto-profile creators, auto adders, auto everything.

    I’d be willing to bet that over half of the supposed new members are just fake profiles meant to sell something.

    Hell, I’d be willing to double that bet on the fact that half of all their profiles are fake.

    But, again, I think the developers know this. The purity of the Facebook audience is much more attractive than Myspace’s spam and clutter even if they have less than half of the audience.

    I think advertisers know this also. If they don’t then they need to fire whoever is in their marketing department.

  2. As a user of MySpace UK there is definitely life left in the old dog yet.

    Recent changes have noticeably affected spammers and reduced the number of request I have to delete which has been a great relief.

    I also use facebook too.

    The two are very different. MySpace users are generally very open to accepting friends. Facebook users are more like High School cliques.

    Maybe that will change with the recent influx of users due to all the hype, but the MySpace users I know don’t like Facebook so you may end up with a divide based on social attitude. One group drinks at the pub the other at the cocktail bar.

  3. Hi…wrote two blog posts today (12th July) on two aspects of this issue:

    (i) The Nielsen data showing huge commonality of users on all SocNets.

    (ii) The emerging evidence that Facebook is worse at distributing Ad love than MySpace.

  4. MySpace has brought the hammer down on spammers. There is now “report as spam” buttons in mail and friend requests. They require captchas in new places. The ubiquitous Tom has posted blogs and announcements about their efforts. I haven’t been spammed in a month. I continue to get spammed on Facebook, however.

  5. Who cares about developers? MySpace is gunning for ad dollars and doesn’t want other social networks to steal a slice of their pie.

  6. MySpace is taking a turn for the worse.

    We run http://www.mrdoe.com/ – a website that provides layouts and graphics for users of MySpace. We’ve spent countless hours creating layouts and found out two days ago MySpace is filtering our URL. Whenever you post a link on MySpace now pointing to “mrdoe.com” it redirects to “myspace.com”. We’ve never ONCE spammed or abused their service, and over 10,000 visitors come to our site everyday.

    Emails to MySpace go unanswered and it seems as if no one there listens. The way they treat people who provide a service for them and increase their popularity is amazing. If there’s anyone from MySpace who reads this and can help, feel free to email me at YVfVkfT2af0nBefs@spambox.us (spam protection – redirects to my personal email).

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