2 thoughts on “ON Networks Makes an iPhone Push”

  1. The iPhone is going to change mobile video forever. This is the first great media device that users will always have on them, for the simple fact that it is also a phone. This is a very important factor. The fact that most in the US must carry their phone with them can not be overlooked. This was an issue with iPods, PSPs and other devices. Users didn’t always have the device with them.

    Now that we have a somewhat captive audience with a great device, it is time to deliver great content.

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  2. I totally agree, the iPhone is giving the mobile world a boost to watching video on mobile since everyone is on the move in this time and age and being able to view things on a goal is a gold mine. With youtube getting on the mobile video market, other mobile company such as Zannel have already been at it for a while and offers great clarity and crisp videos which the iPhone now supports.

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