9 thoughts on “MySpace Keeps On Truckin’”

  1. Om–

    While there are glaring exceptions, increased competition generally bodes well for consumers with positive innovations, new services, and improved capabilities. Let’s hope social networking follows that trend.

    Would you care to comment on the merits and perils of targeted advertising on social networking sites? I mentioned it last week at http://blog.actionm.com/2007/11/whats-the-probl.html. Your thoughts?

    Thank you.

  2. Does anyone know if MySpace still plans on launching their own platform? I’m seeing conflicting reports. Initially, it sounded like they were going to do their own platform in addition to OpenSocial. Has anyone read any additional information.

    Also, is there any data that shows how many of those 3.5 million are unique to MySpace? It would be interesting to see how that number has grown. The idea of one being better than another could be irrelevant. Consumers may use them both realizing that each service may fulfill different needs for the consumer.

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