14 thoughts on “Netflix, Blockbuster or Akimbo? Akimbo 4 Me”

  1. i did forget to mention that the pricing on this kind of a service is always going to be an issue. they need to make the monthly service free and then let people pick their stuff, and get a piece of the action.

  2. Om,

    I have lots of comments, but the most important thing I have to say is: I think Bollywood movies generally suck. 🙂 Can you please defend your position on them? I dated an Indian woman for 6 years in college and fell in love with the food and just about every other aspect of Indian culture. Except the movies. Don’t get them. Like Cricket in England.

  3. In fact, another revolution occurs, hundreds of P2P live video channels are broadcasting to global users with very good quality, much better and stable than video streaming by CDN structure.

    If you tried the channels from http://www.TVKoo.com, you will realize the time of cheap global TV is coming. The small team are streaming 200 channels from China with 7 servers of 100M bandwidth each. Sometime,hundreds of thousands users from different countries were watching live TV on TVKoo test platform, “the cost of bandwidth on one channel is less than 25M, if 30,000 users were watching this channel similtaneously”, said the Jerry Xie, the COO of TVKoo.

    How to reduce the cost of bandwidth to US$1 per year.user, I think it is ready.

  4. So Mike, the thing with Bollywood movies is that you really should have the ability to suspend reality. then you get them. Escapism, as in the best sense. Food, cricket etc… all those are simple things. Bollywood movies = 3 hours lets forget everything.

  5. You mentioned Monk. Realize that Monk is on USA Network, and that’s not carried by Akimbo, not from what I can tell anyway.

    I’d be willing to get rid of my cable tier if I could get these types of things on Akimbo. But if I can’t get that type of content on Akimbo, then I might as well stick with cable for meeting my time-shifting needs. Seems like an either/or to me.

  6. Blockbuster has given each Corporate employee a code to pass to friends/family for a free trial! PASS THIS ON even if you don’t sign up!

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