7 thoughts on “Revver rocked, Veoh Reboots”

  1. One feature of the Revver service I like is the ability to subscribe to a particular user’s feed. Not all the video sites support this capability (the Microsoft Soapbox beta is another that does).

    I wonder if there’s a video service that’s particularly suited for folks who want to experiment with hosted Vodcasts.

    Brightcove seems to be offering some free options to video publishers. They also host the WSJ Video feed, as an example http://tinyurl.com/y9ssek

  2. Any word on why the co-founders jumped ship? Seems that after taking that much money in VC, theyd want to ride it out a little…at least have some fun spending all that money 😉

  3. David,

    Veoh lets you subscribe to a user’s feed, to tags, to series, or channels of video. You can use any RSS reader that reads enclosures to watch Veoh videos.

    Dmitry Shapiro
    Veoh Networks, Inc.

  4. Hate to pile on here, but blip.tv offers fully iTunes-compatible RSS feeds for every page on the site. We even do MediaRSS with all video versions included. They’re playable in iTunes (of course), but also in Windows Media Center and Democracy Player. We also do advertising with a 50/50 revenue split, syndication to AOL Video, Yahoo Video and MSN Video (and soon MeeVee and Blinkx) and offer automatic integration with MySpace, del.icio.us, Flickr, Typepad, MovableType, WordPress (and WordPress.com), Blogger, and all the other major social publishing platforms — even Drupal.

    We’ve also got a host of great shows on blip, from Amanda Congdon’s new “Starring Amanda Congdon” to Goodnight Burbank to Galacticast to Alive in Baghdad.


    Mike Hudack
    CEO, blip.tv

  5. “Usurped by rivals who have executed better on that very same model” ?
    Maybe you posted before you did your homework. The business models of ‘adclick’ verses the business model of ‘pageview’ are actually NOT the very same business model. Comparing apples and oranges won’t increase your credibility.

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