3 thoughts on “New Web Video guide: Channels.com”

  1. Hi Om,
    I looked at Channels, and it looks exactly the same as Vodpod, Splashcast and Magnify. Except that those three have people making the channels or groups, and Channels does it in an automated fashion. In fact Channels seems to just plop an RSS feed from a source that has multiple RSS feeds, into individual channels.

    I also looked at Dabble. When I search Dabble, I get for example for “dog”, over 100k videos with the most relevant at the top, but at Channels I get 46 in reverse chron order (like getting the feed in Bloglines).

    I don’t think search and collecting an RSS feed into a single channel are quite the same thing. How do you figure that Channels does more than Vodpod, Splashcast or Magnify, which have people hand selecting video? I had much more valuable video watching their channels than the automated channel at Channels.com.

    Interesting site though.


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