27 thoughts on “NewCo finally gets a name: Hulu”

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  2. I’m really looking forward to the launch of Hula. I think anything that has this much weight behind it is going to make a splash.

    I just hope that it creates a fun environment where a new bread of digital artists and independent producers, directors, writers and actors can create viral videos and earn more than just a living. We need more market places that we can share online videos and be rewarded for our work. Hopefully Hula will be such a place.

  3. What is the most important in the ad supported Internet TV space is content and HULU will have some of the most desirable content that on TV and possibly movies .

    As long as Hulu make the content easily accessible (it has to be easier to get than pirated content ) then they will win the TV “piracy” battle it also needs to be in one place and not a series of branded websites like is currently the case .

    At the moment Joost is still the leader in the space and if News Corp and NBCU are smart they should also sign Joost up as a distributor of their Hulu content then I can find all my content in one place 😉

  4. “Hulu” is Indonesian for “butt” and Lozi for “old.” I guess it does capture the spirit of the service they’re building.

  5. it is a 4 letter word, the second letter is u. one part of it is where you take a leak. the other sounds like a UN organisation, or better, distinctly chinese. while you are at it, and your mum calls, your girlfriend picks the phone, she is most likely to say “who, loo”…

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  7. hulu will be a household word in a few months and a verb after that. “I hulued last night with some friends and a case of beer.” There will be no dance or hoop involved.

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