8 thoughts on “News Demon follow up”

  1. Jeez, get off it. Nick and Greg spent all week briefing reporters under embargo. Do you really expect them to credit you for a story that they already had pre-written and ready to go?

  2. sure they might have pre-briefed others, but not me and since i got the scoop the old fashioned way, well i kinda feel a tad entitled … you know work hard and all.

  3. Not discounting your hard work and all. Just sayin’ that you don’t deserve to be credited for this one. And sayin’ that you should get over it. It’s whiny and unbecoming.

  4. Om, you deserve the credit for breaking this story. Although we wanted to, we weren’t able to brief you before the announcement – yet you still broke the story before anyone else. Nice work, if you ask me 🙂

  5. Guys,

    you are right. i should shut up… i was just having some fun here. anyway robby point well made. nick appreciate the support.

    on to the next one. 😉

  6. Om, the CNET News.com story followed the NewsGator press release. Glad you’re reading closely, but I’m not sure why you feel a need to read between the lines for something that isn’t there.

  7. John

    As I said, not a big deal… never said it was. anyway i am a faithful reader of news.com even now. not reading between the lines. it was actually a pretty straight forward post, and am surprised that people think i am reading between the lines.

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