8 thoughts on “To Sell or Not To Sell 3G Spectrum”

  1. They should consider giving it away free, but only for unlicensed use (I.E. a’la 802.11, 802.22) But that would take a bit more planning. It could be a part of India becoming a leader in wireless tech. But again that would take some thought to do the “unlicensing” correctly. (The FCC got it kind of right with the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz UNII bands, mostly by accident but also through the help of some visionaries at Apple and a few other places in the 80’s)

  2. I’m with Robert. The short term gains of licensing fees are quickly overshadowed by increased tax revenues from technical innovation. The absoletely worst thing they could do would be to give exclusive licenses to incumbants for free. Spectrum auctions are slightly better than that but still bad news (see 3G deployment, 3 years behind schedule and counting).

  3. Sell off course! Om you hit it right on the mark. The internal revenue service needs the proceeds. Off course, this is assuming they will actually use the proceeds towards a real telecommunications budget and not to fill up the coffers in politicians swiss accounts.

    Cynicism aside, I do beleive the Indian Govt should sell the bandwidth – welfare state is for the poor and needy and they don’t need bandwidth – it aint filling their stomach. They need jobs. Use the money to implement regulations, that will prove to be benefecial for the masses. For example, sell the spectrum with conditions attached to them, such as a portion of the spectrum must directly benefit an absolute minimum of rural communities.

    We are not ready for pure capitalism yet, and we cannot afford welfare on a dime for non-life-critical systems.

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