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  1. what would be cool is if the DS implemented a graffiti style language with more PDA style utility…my boys love these, but the game title list is short and weak relative to the psp…however, i was almost going to buy one just to screw around with ‘brain age’ for myself…these have integrated wifi, a deal with mcdonald’s (dumb imho) and a brilliant interface…the current keyboard/type options are still horrible though, and the kids i’ve seen with them got tired very quickly once they realized they could burn videos and movie clips to the duo cards for their psp’s…i’m anxious to see how this particular device interfaces with the upcoming nintendo console, but even then my boys won’t let me play the games (same thing with the 360, which i’ve gotten to play all of twice since last november)…

  2. I’ve got a PSP and recently just bought a DS Lite from Lik Sang. The PSP hasn’t had a look in since I got the DS, which is far more innovative IMHO.

    I just can’t wait for the Wii, especially to see what kinda integration the DS/Lite will have with it.

  3. The PSP has some decent games for it, but frankly their is more interest for the doing homebrew stuff with the PSP via hacks to the firmware of the device. This ends up in Sony releasing new firmwares that close old holes and occasionally adds new features. However, Sony is loathe to let anyone but Sony have creative control over what a platform of theirs can and can not do. Also, the price of the PSP is more then that of a PS2! Sure its portable, but its pricey.

    The DS Lite is $129! The DS Lite is also much more pocketable and has a more innovative user interface motif going for it along with more genuinely fun games for it.

  4. It’s sold out in Ottawa, or at least at three places i expected to find it. I had hoped to upgrade from my larger unit as its a bit big for travel.

    The DS (lite or Phat) is a phenomenal device. I’ve never been more pleased with what is essentially an impulse buy. Friends with a PSP are always shocked by how much more ‘fun’ the DS is.

  5. In fact DS hardware is actually outselling the PSP in the UK as it is almost everywhere else. The free PSPs from t-mobile et al are beginning like a slightly desperate attepmt to increase their install base more than anything else.

  6. Well, one reason you might be seeing more PSP-and-phone offers is because of the fact DS was somehow targeted at pre-cell phone generation.

    Just my guess.

  7. I have been harping on what to sell when/if I start an ecommerce store. My company has been creating adsense pub sites for 2 years and client work as an outsourcing company (though I’m an American traveling back and forth). When I read about DS Lite I can’t help but think about how hard it would be to “private lavel” a gaming device in cool way and sell it. I’m very interested in “private laveling” devices made in, say, China. Wonder if the innonvation I could offer or niche would overcome brand recognition.

  8. Sony needs to give PSPs away, because they aren’t selling.

    Nintendo DS Lites are still hard to get hold of even here in Japan a good 3 months since they were launched. Indeed, the original DS has been hard to find since about December. Unless you were prepared to wait for months or fork over a big premium.

    The DS may not have the flashy technology which appeals to gadget freaks and geeks, but many more of the DS games really nail the playability aspect, rather than the eye candy factor which wears off pretty quickly.

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