7 thoughts on “No plans to kill the Blogger brand”

    1. Blogger already is popular among the masses (as data upon Compete and Quantcast would easily reveal). WordPress has a lot more features to it, but in order to unlock them you need to either host your own blog (which costs $$$) or host upon WP.com (which cost $$$ for premium features). Blogger’s “mostly free” approach is why many keep using the service (which might also explain why Tumblr is so popular too!).

  1. Hope they keep Blogger. “Google Blogs” doesn’t have the same appeal at all. And I agree. The orange b logo is terrific. As good an icon as any on the web.

  2. Blogging is like life line of social media. FB has nothing for it and only way for them is to partner with may be wordpress. On the other hand now blogger would find it’s place on google+ and also would would help google and also +. A lot is possible if google combines picasa and blogger with +. Though GUI challenges exists for everything. Google+ has to become like iPhone (best and easiest device).

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