12 thoughts on “Twitter co-founder Ev Williams on Blogger & blogging's future”

  1. Hi Om :).

    Evan’s second quote really spoke to me. I still blog on a regular basis, but have seen most of my blogging friends give it up for more casual services such as Tumblr.

    While I can appreciate why (ease of use, more instantaneous, potentially more social), I derive great comfort from the freedom and permanency of a blog. Into my seventh year now, and I can’t really think of any social network from when I started that people still use seriously now, to say nothing of what people will be using in the future.

    I suppose it comes down to what your priorities are, and whether you perceive the benefits outweigh the extra work that goes into blogging. Clearly for many, it seems a harder justification to make now.

  2. I don’t see a compelling reason for Google to change Blogger’s name. The word ‘blogger’ is already a generic word, a common noun. I can see a reason to change the name Picasa to Google Photos. Picasa is a proper noun and for an unfamiliar person, doesn’t immediately reveal the connection to photos. But anybody who hears the word Blogger knows it is about blogging. What huge difference is there between calling it Google Blogger vs Google Blogs?

    1. If you could have your name at google.com instead of blogspot.com, I think that will matter to quite a few people. I don’t know if they are going to do that, but I doubt they will keep them at blogspot.com.

      But I agree with him, I noticed in the first 2 days how posts on Google+ looked like a blog post, and an increasing amount of people using it as a blog to share their thoughts. So I could definitely see “personal blogging” switch to Google+ or something similar, where all you need to do to “blog” is start typing.

  3. I owe a great deal to Ev, Biz, the Trotts and Matt. If it weren’t for blogging, I don’t know where I’d be. It truly changed my life, both personally and professionally.

    1. Me too Paul! I can only guess that I’d be in prison or the circus, were it not for all those folks.

  4. Notice that he mentions “active blogging”. Clearly people are still expressing themselves albeit sometimes in disconnected ways, like FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. There still is potential for a service to perhaps present all those things in a cohesive way. What are your thoughts about the Notes in FB that may allow one to keep things public, private, etc.? In my knowledge, that’s the only one that comes closest to blogging.

  5. I would have to agree with Ev here on this. Blogging as we know it is going away. Facebook, Twitter and now maybe Google+ is going to be the new blogging model. That’s my theory anyway.

    1. Going away? Did you actually read the article? Both Blogger and WordPress.com have more users now than ever. What he said was that for casual users, Facebook, Twitter and other less involved tools are replacibg blogging. For serious, committed bloggers, blogging is still growing very fast.

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