5 thoughts on “Nokia has no interest in RIM”

  1. Hey what about Danger? As far as I know, they are the leaders in self-created porn/PDA integration. That has got to count for something.

  2. Why have Blackberries been such a success?
    As you know I’m not a big fan. My 6630 has a decent enough email client on it and the only reason I don’t get my work email on it is because we run an old version of Exchange.

    Although email is becoming an increasingly important mobile app, so are other services and features like media players, 3G, picture phones, storage, WiFi etc.

    RIM’s success is built around just email – unless their devices improve, I’m sure their aura will disolve.


  3. The thing people forget about RIM is that they were a big deal before the “carriers” got serious about wireless data. The original Blackberries worked on Paging and other esoteric frequencies using RIM’s proprietary Richochet networks. For a while RIM was even operating their own Richochet networks. RIM basically invented the idea of mobile e-mail and that is why everyone is playing catch up with them. In the minds of some people, Blackberry is mobile e-mail.

  4. could not agree with you more jesse. it is still the easiest to use mobile mail, despite all pretensions from everyone. i just don’t think people understand that. i tried treo, and pocket pc phones, but when it comes to email, it is blackberry or nothing

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