3 thoughts on “NY Times: Desktop Search is Hot!”

  1. What exactly is the business model for desktop search? For Google, it’s just another rather simple extension of their model – but for anyone else, I just don’t see how you get paid.

    Sun is just a bunch of clowns.

  2. well its not the business model as pect of it which is as much a question: it is a tool which is growing in importance, and even google knows it. so shouldn’t folks on solaris, sun’s big white hope get at least competitive features. for others, well i am not sure what the business model is. advertising for one is the most obvious one. but what the heck, if the tool works well, and does the trick for me, i will buy the software. i paid for other software like creo’s six degrees to scan through my email database, why not my digital ecosystem. i think blinkx will eventually have to come up with a standalone pro version of their software. i.e. it starts to do more for my desktop, music jukebox, network drives etc.

    what do you think damian. would love to know your opinion on this.

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