One thought on “What Broadband Competition?”

  1. Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy is misguided.

    “Broadband access is such a nascent market, and there’s so many technologies available for delivering it to consumers that a large percentage of the country will have more than two choices of how they would get it.”

    huh? There are two ways right now – cable and DSL.
    WiMax MAY end up being a competitor for the internet part.

    No one else is going to enter this space. Municipal networks are going to banned by lobbyists, not that I am that sure that they are a good idea in the first place.

    Nobody else can raise the money to enter this market – the business is just too capital intensive for the market to support splitting three ways instead of two.

    Isen can forget his “stupid network” – we are going to end up with skinny little pipes, which will force a less open system for providers that want to supply IPTV.

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