3 thoughts on “O2/Telefónica Buys Jajah for $207M”

  1. Hi Om,

    I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide any more details earlier. Thank you for all the support and feedback in all those years, I personally really appreciate it.

    Cu soon and enjoy the holidays!

    Best, Frederik

  2. Skype with an investor group!
    Gizmo with Google!
    Jajah with O2!
    iCall with Apple?

    In opening 3G network to VoIP, I am sure cellular operator will buy some VoIP company to knows better the market and the technology.

    Who’s next?

  3. Dear Jajah,

    so now please connect all O2 networks to iNum! Let all O2 customers call iNum numbers (“one number for the world”) for free, as they already can do from Jajah. Now that would be an interesting move! 😉


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