11 thoughts on “Odeo receives funding from Charles River, Kapor, Kraus, O’Reilly, Kopelman, Conway”

  1. Odeo…I would think that podCasting creation will mostly end up on the desktop and mobiles. And, I could see Apple using some of their GarageBand tech to add creation to iTunes. So, I don’t quite understand the Odeo funding thing. What am I missing?

  2. I’m stunned at how quickly the internet is entering a new cycle of phenomenal growth — uncannily similar to the housing “bubble” (there is no bubble…! right? right?).

    Web 1.0, Web 2.0. Whatever. We’re just entering a phase where people are starting to synthesize maturing technologies: broadband; video/audio compression codecs; consumer technology advances ala MP3 players, PVRs, handhelds, mobile; and so on… infrastructure improvements brought on by broadband, lead the way to IPTV, VOIP, etc.

    Idle hands, or funds in this matter, breed insanity. The folks with money, who know when to get in, and out, will prosper. Many will lose their shorts (VCs, that is). The true innovators, followers, and their dozen or so ilk that can attract funding at this point laugh all the way to the bank.

    Watch what happens next… Sites that aren’t all that impressive from a business case POV will do an AJAX overhaul and attract millions.

    AJAX==jsp/xml/css + half-baked idea that’s not completely original = $Millions!


  3. am i missing something, or is AudioBlog not the ‘other’ podcasting business that’s been around for over a year (or two) already?

    not taking anything away from Ev or Adam, but seems like they should at least be in the conversation. they might not have the starpower, but they have been up & running with customers for quite some time.

    anyway, i may be off-base but seems like those 3 are in the same biz. if i’m wrong, would appreciate someone else providing a lay of the land for podcasting…

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