13 thoughts on “Off Topic: Irony Thy Name Is RatZapper”

  1. The one I bought was so humane it refused to work. Batteries, bait and rats all went in and out regularly for a while, with no sign of the product working as promised.

  2. They work well. Gotta get the highest voltage ones thought to really deal with the little critters. Still, our cat is the best defense (actually, more like offense), he slays and doesn’t eat batteries in the process.

  3. There is such a thing as “humane killing”. Better meat processors and good hunters do it.

  4. I hear these don’t work so well for rats (neophobia, larger mass) but I have one and it handles well our occasional mouse problem. Much more humane than glue traps and less messy than snap traps. I got some energizer e2 batteries to maximize the number of zaps before having to swap.

  5. Bob – yes, there was a red light lit for a while – I eventually stopped adding batteries. Might have gotten a bum model, since some people rave about the device.

  6. Bob – yes, thanks, there was a red light lit for a while there (until I stopped adding batteries. Must have gotten a bad unit, since so many people rave about the zapper.

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