11 thoughts on “New York Rediscovered”

  1. Looking good indeed. Here’s a tip: get a compact camera to take on those walks, it makes for added entertainment and a bit more impromptu activity when “zooming with your feet”.

  2. @ nick,

    yes i am trying to keep myself clean and healthy by focusing more on “personal” stuff and obsessing less about blogging constantly. Work/life balance thing actually works.

  3. Hi Om,

    I’m really curious what you meant by this: “Accompanying me on the plane ride back to San Francisco was “the economic reality check” that the entire country is experiencing but of which our corner of the world seems blissfully unaware.”

    Was it some conversation you overheard on the plane?


  4. Voltage = Current x Resistance

    Gigaom = Health x Om Malik.

    Great to see you in great shape posing there…

    hahaha…nice, but blue to not ur color, OM ~

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