4 thoughts on “Open APIs In Xohm's Future”

  1. Time to buy Sprint. I think its funny how the CDMA associations have largely pledged to adopt Long Term Evolution which from an infrastructure standpoint, makes a lot of the same promises as WiMax (IP-based, OFDM, MIMO). I think they just treated WiMax poorly because of its treatment as a leper on the street. LTE looks a lot like WiMax 2.0 and is much further away from any real implementation.

  2. is Sprint willing to become a dumb pipe? Wireless and technology is not like electricity. Becoming a commodity can happen in a matter of years and not decades. Other players in the value chain will be ready to capture the value Sprint will be leaving on the table. Wireless operators havent realize that their value is in their customer’s profiling, one-stop shop for services, customer location positioning, and marketing engines. It is not about the network. They can apply the same business model using EVDO or LTE. WIMAX is not disruptive at all (is Wimax 100M Subs by 2011 Vs HSPA 2B Subs a disruptive force?). It is Intel last chance to get into a growth industry.

  3. Hey Geraldz… isn’t that the point of emerging technology?? I hope it does change the wireless industry. The entire world is going to OFDM technology and personally I applaud sprint for taking such a big leap ahead of other telecom giants and to be perfectly honest I can’t wait until the commercial launch. Everyone I know (self included) is not satisfied with their ISP and this will provide a great alt.

    And to Sarah.. you are right, Wimax and LTE are basically the same thing, this is just verizon’s way of trying to scare people away from wimax and to keep their customers… in reality that are just waiting to see how sprint does with 4g before they take the leap.

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