8 thoughts on “Sprint-Clearwire: Will 3rd Pipe Dreams Come True?”

  1. Om,

    I think you’re analysis is 100% spot on. Involving Intel and Google essentially positions WiMax as the competitive enforcer for mobile and wireless services.

    Again, great analysis, and great post.

  2. It is not quite accurate to characterize a Clearwire/Sprint Wimax service as a third broadband pipe. The first two ‘broadband pipes’ are chasing each other up to 10Mbps++ in 2008 and 25Mbps++ in 2009, depending on your location and service provider. Clearwire and Sprint’s broadband service will most likely offer up to 3Mbps or perhaps 4.5Mbps at the top end due to spectrum and related economics constraints.
    It is probably more accurate to identify the service as an alternative to Verizon’s EVDO or AT&T’s HSDPA services for laptops and fixed PC’s.

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