6 thoughts on “Cisco Switches 10G, Makes Play For Data Centers”

  1. The (mis)use of the “virtualization” is just blather to doll up the product intro. Virtualization software like VMWare is perfectly capable of virtualizing one physical LAN connection into multiple virtual LAN interfaces, any switch can support that. Better NICs like Sun’s Crossbow make the process more efficient, but once again that is completely transparent to the network.

    The big news is the core switching fabric upgrade. The Catalyst 6500 has been upgraded over time from its original 8Gbps per line card limit, but is clearly on its last legs, and increasingly hoary compared to products from Foundry or Force10. The Nexus removes the core switching bottleneck, but also removes the advanced routing, server acceleration or security functionality in the 6500 line that is the main justification for its premium pricing.

  2. Fazal:

    While I agree that “virtualization” is ridiculously overused, there is actually something to it in this case. The Nexus platform supports something called Virtual Device Contexts. Essentially, NX-OS provides hypervisor like functionally to host multiple logical switches on the physical platform. This ability to support fully independent switches offers the same types of benefits you might expect from server virtualization including improved utilization, fault containment, and the ability to run disparate environments (i.e. production and dev) on the same hardware.

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