10 thoughts on “Open Office On A Stick”

  1. eric, not sure i am understanding the point you are making. you are saying that, that you don’t want the drives with anything on it? i think those you can buy for a lot cheaper; and this is clearly a different market opportunity

  2. Perhaps I’m confused. What I had infered was that the next time I went to Best Buy or Circuit City (or, more likely newegg.com) and bought a USB thumbdrive that it was going to be loaded with a bunch of software.

  3. I’m with Eric here. This benefits U3 clearly, but how does it help the consumer get bundled programs that are already free for download? This is like how a consumer PC comes with AOL or MSN pre-installed. Now if the U3 drives are actually cheaper, thanks to incentives from the software guys, I’m down with that.

  4. I’d have to agree with Jesse and Eric — I’ve used a U3 drive, and while it’s cool to have a menu of what’s on the stick and some apps bundled, most of them (or something similar) can be downloaded for free, so I’m not sure I see the point. The PC bundled with AOL analogy is a good one.

  5. i agree, that most of the apps are available for free, and U3 really is doing nothing more than make it easier to use for a tiny fee, which actually doesn’t really raise the price of the final product that much. so perhaps that’s why I think for a mass market it is not such a bad product. i am thinking non-geeks especially in places where many people use a single machine. like cyber cafes in places like india.

  6. That’s a fair point, and I thought the same thing — that there is some value to bundling things and making it easy for non-techies. But then I wondered how many non-geeks would be likely to feel comfortable using a USB key and various bundled apps in the first place. In other words, it might be a chicken-and-egg problem, where you need a certain level of geekness (geek-itude?) to appreciate the device, which then means you’re less likely to want it, if you know what I mean.

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