39 thoughts on “Open Thread: Name That One Web Startup You Can't Live Without”

  1. “Live without” might be too specific/extreme. In the scheme of things I can’t think of any including Web-1.0 companies I couldn’t live without. They’re all ancillary.

  2. Socialbrowse is my necessity. It sits in my sidebar, feeding me new links of interest all day. Sharing is as simple as one or 2 clicks, no need to visit a different page or fill anything in. With 2 devoted developers who are quick to fix any problems, Socialbrowse makes all the other link sharing sites seem overly complicated and hard to use.

    My profile: http://socialbrowse.com/profile/view/381/

  3. I’d have to say that Mint is high on my list. I use it almost daily and check the iPhone app quite a bit. The features I want are in the pipeline. Most companies that say that I don’t believe, but Mint seems to be chugging along, releasing feature after feature. I can’t imagine not using them.

  4. I hope I’m not the only person who is skeptical of Mint. Even if it’s the best app on the web, there is no freakin’ way I would upload my financial information to a free website so I can see more ads targeted to my income & spending level. I’ll spend the $50 and use Quicken or MS money or something that allows me to maintain the illusion of privacy.

  5. Xobni and RTM (a favorite of mine) offer services that I think will be quickly replicated. I’m a fan of Zoho’s ever-growing offering because they seem to be following the “grow big fast” mantra that would save them.

  6. Evernote. This is one company which continues to add features, and listens to customer feedback. It is indispensible for students. With its cross-platform ability to synchronize changes to files, it is becoming a true Web OS. Evernote is one of the few services I am willing to pay for Premium service.

  7. Since i use a majority of the services most people has put as their number one i can firmly say that Swedish music service Spotify easily whoops them all. Spotify is-music done right in every way imaginable and it is an itunes killer without any doubt. I know that it is not possible to get it for the US but get in line for one if you are from france, uk, germany, spain and the nordics of course.

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  11. I would say rememberthemilk and my blackberry. ofcourse, i will be shameless and add my own startups, http://www.newsgrasp.com for my daily dose of videos.. http://www.webtoim.com/site for GK, http://www.trackthisnow.com for tracking the effect of a news topic worldwide and http://www.trackstuffnow.com to find the most authoritative feeds for any given news topic.
    All mine, but I genuinely consider it useful, otherwise i wouldnt have created it

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