17 thoughts on “Twitter Said To Be Raising More Cash, Valued at $250 Million”

  1. I am quite surprised that they haven’t been able to nail down their business model yet. Given the traction, they can experiment with several models. However, like FB, they are focused on creating a significant distance between them and the nearest competition.


  2. what do you mean by ” I am surprised that that Twitter hasn’t attracted more competition.”. do you not see the numerous twitter clones that get mention on tech crunch daily.

  3. @silicon valley dropout… What are those clones — Yammer?

    And when i say competition, I mean COMPETITION, from teams that know what the hell they are doing.

  4. I agree with you Om, Twitter needs more competition. A platform with more visualization options for your tweetgraphs and some of the grouping capabilities Tweetdeck offers…and ofcourse, media embedding a la Twitpic.

    I also think the way forward for Twitter’s business model lies with search. What it needs to do is couple their summize investment with a strong adsense-like platform for brokering/broadcasting ads.

    With enough critical mass, Twitter could be Google’s first competition in the search space since it took out Altavista.

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