106 thoughts on “Twitter VC Funding Done, Raises $15M”

  1. So what is Twitter’s plan to make money? Investors can’t just be throwing money into a hole? Can they? Waiting for a buyer?

  2. I would sell my home and cash my pension & 401k & savings and put it all towards an investment in Twitter valued at 80million. I think they are more valuable than Facebook. Perhaps not intrinsically but there is a lot of potential to be THE evolved form of communication in 5 years.

  3. Great post OM (as always),

    I use and recommend Twitter, it’s superb! I just hope that this investment is a good fit and that they continue to develop the product.

    I am also really looking forward to seeing how Twitter plan to monetize all those eyeballs.

    Thanks again Om!

    Jim Connolly

  4. So they now value Twitter at $95MM (post money), meaning that to create an exit for the latest investors would mean that they have to build a Billion dollar company around the ability to send short messages?

    I could be very wrong but this looks more like a neat trick and a good story vs. a real company.

  5. Om,
    The downtime probably cost them $120MM in valuation. No downtime and they would be the hottest communication platform start-up going right now and would easily have been able to grab a $200MM valuation. The W2.0 crowd penchant for cheap and fast is starting to show its roots.

  6. So ironic! Charles River Ventures DID own twitter at one point, back when it was a project of Odeo. They didn’t want anything to do with it, thought was worthless, and let Evan Williams buy them out for about what they put in. A classic example of VC Fail.

  7. This is ridiculous.

    What do we have:
    – No working system, to be more specific: A proven unability to actually deliver a working system.
    – No business model.
    – No revenue whatsoever.
    – Huge costs for sending short messages (which will probably be that high that paying for them with ads won’t work)
    – A couple dozen clones.

    Sorry, I don’t get it.

  8. inflation, recession, yet the .com nonsense 2.0 days continue. Amazing. Hopefully, for the sake of the LP’s in the VC funds which invested in Twitter, Twitter will manage to pull a Mark Cuban-like sale to a stupid acquierer…hey, like maybe Yahoo!

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