20 thoughts on “Who's Worried About Facebook? Not Twitter”

  1. Great post Om. Twitter certainly has a long way to go and we’ve just begun seeing the mainstream adoption of the service. It’s clear that the Twitter folks weren’t expecting the rush of new users in the past year but now that they’ve fixed the stability issues, it’s time to focus on strengthening and thanking the developer community with incentives and improved APIs.

    Then Twitter can focus on making money and I feel it should be done in that order.

  2. I agree that FB and Twitter are not yet on collision course and they are serve users differently. Neither satisfy me as I am looking for the universal presence status ‘keeper’ that is far more universal, with an supplicant for all sorts of devices and environments and support sub-services like geo-locate-ability.

  3. Perhaps the best example of the different roles of Twitter and FB: one of the hottest apps for BlackBerry these days involves the beta trials of SocialScope (only on BlackBerry – socialscope.net) where a user can follow both Twitter and Facebook activity concurrently. It’s getting lots of conversations over in Twitterville while they work through scalability and integration issues (for instance, Twitpic integration presents a challenge0>

    (And, having just attended a Toronto event about the BlackBerry Developer Community last week, attended by over 250 developers, RIM/BlackBerry is also seriously into that competition for developers referenced by Brendan.)

  4. Now someone just needs to develop an that would work with Open Social, Twitter, Android, iPhone and Facebook. they’d make a killing.

  5. With the Twitter app installed on your facebook account you can use both right from FB…it starts to get cumbersome when you have to follow lots of multiple browser screens at once…

  6. Twitter and Facebook serve different needs. Facebook has fine(r) grained privacy controls which makes me more confident about putting say semi private/ slightly sensitive information. (Yeah yeah , I know the privacy of facebook is illusory, but it is better than complete public information)

    Twitter is really a shout box to broadcast information, more like a blog. If I had an opinion about a movie, I would like the world to know ! even the @communication is info which is meant to be public. If I wanted to give my opinion on something I would like to put it in a place where it has an audience which by virtue of it being public is Twitter.

    Which is why I use twitter to update facebook. Information I have in twitter can go to facebook. The other direction is not so kosher …

    In the end facebook and twitter have different kinds of information. Thus there is good reason for twitter not to be afraid .. StockTwits is better served by twitter and not facebook status updates (If my status contained information about stocks, I would be considered a dork)

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