5 thoughts on “For OPower, Cloud, Big Data & Digital Energy Equal Magic”

  1. Color me skeptical. There’s many factors that play into consumer behavior in energy consumption. Like driving patterns, behavior only changes when economic factors significantly affect the consumer. With the average consumer spending less than 2% of income on energy the rationale isn’t there for home consumers.

    Perhaps OPower and others in the industry should focus on business customers. Business customers are much more likely to utilize consumption data to change behavior; just look at energy efficiency retrofit data to see that residential customers just don’t see the advantages that business customers do. Other issues like an in-utero smart grid system, a lack of smart appliances, and regulatory oversight just complicate the picture.

    With Hohm changing emphasis from home energy consumption monitoring to EV charging and Google PowerMeter going nowhere, I don’t see how OPower is going to make a significant difference in changing consumer behavior. Honestly, do I need a smart meter and a dedicated provider to tell me to turn off the power strip when not in use? If I am not doing that now, I doubt a significant number of people will do it when a pie chart shows their PCs and gadgets consumer 15% of their power bill.

  2. OPOWER is hosting a tech demo and reception (invite only) on Thursday, April 14th @ 6pm in SOMA. While technically a recruiting event, developers might find it interesting because we don’t normally share OPOWER internal outside the company. Some of our senior developers will be flying in from DC to give a brief talk explaining how we organize all this data to make our energy efficiency reports. It will offer a unique opportunity to meet members of our team in a casual setting, with some good food & drinks to boot. This is an invite only tech recruiting event, and space is limited. Contact us for more information: sf-tech-recruiting-events@opower.com

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