10 thoughts on “From Startup to Business, a Long Strange Trip”

  1. web based business have their own advantages (such as being virtual & universal) and disadvantages (such as difficult to project fiscal or even brand value) that must be considered as well.

  2. I found this informative and interesting blog, so I think so it’s very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me. I really thought that blog is spreading its wings rapidly…
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Good job OM! Great article! So often we hear about entrepreneurs who cash out, to the point one would think that’s the main goal. I have nothing against that but I think there’s one more important thing about business: The mission. Every business have one but most of them tend to forget about it and that ruins everything. “Starters” get in business for many reasons but “Superstars” do it and stick to it because of a mission: “A computer on every desk”, “a world where we’re all connected”, “technology & liberal arts combined to touch our hearts”, etc… Achieving this is beyond money because a mission SERVE the people. Comparing “Starters” to “Superstars” is just like comparing a politician to a revolution leader. The former, even when honest, wants to get elected, change things, improve them, etc… The latter has a mission and target an ideal. A revolution leader is born elected. A revolution leader brings deep changes. Every entrepreneur do not have to be a revolution leader, but they should aim at building something real, new and durable just like them: A business! OM, I just wish you to stick to your mission. The nobler, the better!

  4. Starting a business requires so much sacrifice from everyone around you. Your family, friends, neighbors, etc. all have differing sets of questions, concerns and general curiosity. To succeed, you honestly need a strong support group, otherwise, you chances of failure are much higher.

  5. I started my current company Cosential in 1999. We are just now hitting our stride. The expression I say to myself over and over again is “I was an overnight success and it took years to get here.”

  6. I like the concept of Small Ideas Big Dreams. I think you need to have passion for what you do and have some reason why you want to build your business. Financial freedom is good, nothing wrong with making plenty of money in a business but one has to be clear first on what purpose and people you will serve.

  7. I like the principle of reinvention explained in this article. This principle is changing the face of small to large firms as they meet the demands of a changing society. This principle as explained here have been able to catapult ‘desktop’ companies into multinationals. This retooling however is mostly directed to technology.

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